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Loyalty is about Building Reputation.

Davis Wright & Associates acquired Robert Swift & Associates’ Loyalty Program in 2010. Donna Wright had worked with Robert Swift for many years prior to acquiring the loyalty portion of his business. Davis Wright & Associates continues to be dedicated to providing the same level of service to our clients. Donna brings many years of experience, a solid understanding of the Net Advocate Score methodology, and an unmatched dedication to her clients’ success.

Davis Wright & Associates uses a Net Advocate Score to help garment and uniform companies measure customer satisfaction. The methodology is sound, and numerous national telephone surveys have proven a direct correlation between customer Net Advocate Scores and the likelihood of contract renewal.

Donna Davis Wright is a graduate of Thiel College with a B.S. in Political Science. Donna spent many years working with Robert Swift, a well-regarded pioneer in advocate scoring and founder of Robert Swift & Associates. Upon the death of her mentor and friend, Donna acquired the loyalty portion of his business. Wright Loyalty Program has grown dramatically in recent years. This breadth of companies participating in the Wright Loyalty Program provides a solid foundation for Company to Company comparisons.