The Wright Loyalty Program is our barometer to gauge our total company performance. Our entire organization is driven by it’s results.
We would not do without it!

- Fred Gorman, Owner and President, Gorman Uniform

The Wright Loyalty Program is an excellent indicator on how our customers perceive our service – it’s independent, simple and reliable. When our customers communicate a concern about our service, I am notified immediately and have the opportunity to correct the concerns. This program has become an important management tool for our service department and customer service reps.
- Bruce Kloter, Owner, Swiss Laundry

I utilized the Wright Loyalty Program as Sales & Service Manager of a regional uniform rental program. Uniform rental is a highly competitive business and dissatisfied customers can easily be lost to the competition through service issues, garment cleaniness or price. It is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the competition with great product and service. The Wright Loyalty Program allows you to get fresh feedback on how each Route Representative and Service Manager is doing with your customers.  This important information allows for timely review and revision of procedures and personnel. I was able to “fix” many small problems that could have easily become major issues if not for the critical information gleaned from the Wright Loyalty Program!
-Pete Owsianowski, Advisor

The Wright Loyalty Program surveys have helped us in a lot of different ways.
1.  We are now able to get feedback directly from the customers.
2.  It potentially could help you SAVE a customer.
3.  You are able to see how well your drivers doing.
4.  It also can help motivate your drivers to do a better job.
- Steve Howlett, American Wear

We have been involved in the Wright Loyalty Program for over ten years. Customer loyalty is a major focus of our business and we believe strongly that high loyalty scores have resulted in our success in growth and higher profitability.
- Dennis Tschida, General Manager, Service Uniform

Our experience with the Wright Loyalty Program has been excellent. I find the information they gather on the surveys very helpful with maintaining our customer’s satisfaction and growing our corporate business . I don’t see how we have managed this far without knowing what our clients are saying about our service. We are promptly alerted when there is a problem, and all our customers contacted by Loyalty are aware we care. We have found the Wright Loyalty Program to be professional and dependable and we are grateful for their service.
- Richard Stelts, President, Swan Lake Photography Studio

Our satisfied customers become a ‘sales team’ for our business when they refer us to their friends. By utilizing The Wright Loyalty Program, we have witnessed these results first-hand. Donna and her team do a great job! We couldn’t do without them.
- Mike Wison, Director of Sales, Marck Industries